Our new office building in Warrensburg is coming right along! Located just on the other side of Fashion Avenue, our new office will provide our doctors, staff, and patients with some much-needed space and will help to maximize the experience within our office!

As our current patients may already know, make shift rooms have been added throughout the years and we have been forced to utilize part of our research area in the basement for instruments used to detect and monitor ocular disease. Our new office will allow for all of your services to be completed on one level!

And parking... all of our patients know that parking has always been a concern with our current office. With the new office, we will have enough parking to accommodate all of our patients without having to climb a hill! And... you won't have to fight traffic leaving our office anymore because there will be an entrance/exit on East Oak Street!

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Building Video Update #1

Building Video Update #2

Building Video Update #3

Building Video Update #4

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